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March 26, 2005

Clear Wire Blocking Vonage?

consumer reports operators phones Not clear yet whether Clear Wire is blocking Vonage calls or, if it does, whether the impact is significant. Just in indication that VoIP telephony is still in its infancy. This VoIP consumer reports:
One Vonage customer has claimed that his calls have been blocked by Clear Wire, Craig McCaw’s fixed wireless start-up. Gerry Salemme, an executive vice president at the Kirkland, Wash.-based Clearwire, told Advanced Pipeline that “some technologies used by Vonage and other VoIP providers are problematic for wireless networks, versus a wired network.”. Salemme also confessed that he had not read his company’s terms of service. So one cannot take him too seriously. Vonage officials are clearly unhappy. However Clear Wire is not a phone company or a cable operator, so going to FCC isn’t going to help much. As a word of caution, since this is an isolated case, its time to take a little pause … after all one swallow doesn’t make a summer.

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